We Are A Marketing
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Entertains Audiences

Unifying Audiences
Around Shared Interests
And Passions

We help businesses
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We coordinate all available channels in your ecosystem (owned platforms, paid media, talent, original content, brand partnerships and more) to acquire viewers, customers, subscribers and fans. We address your target customer in a custom architected, culturally relevant way that positions you as a value provider in their life.


We work with brands, start-ups, publishers, talent, distributors, and format owners to re-think their business as consumers are rapidly shifting how they spend their time and who gets their loyalty. Our decades of data-driven marketing, newsroom, and political experience give us unique insight into winning the mindshare game.


We co-create and co-produce large scale shows and events that reach millions of people around the globe. We leverage our decades of creative and technical expertise on some of the world’s largest stages to bring integrated entertainment to audiences of all ages.


We tell brand stories by aligning identity, content, media, and distribution tactics with your target audience to drive trust and lasting relationships. We create native distribution, authentic content, smart media programs, and entertainment integrations positioned to drive sales and attention.


Go - Barry Cheesesteaks with Barry Washington

"We are a Christian owned business that is also family owned and operated.We share the good news because that’s what we believe has brought us this far. We want to make a real Cheesesteak, just like we have done it up there in Philly. We try to share a lot of love and good food in our community." - Barry Washington

After hitting rock bottom down and out close to suicide two Nigerian Christians gave him money and something more – hope for a clean life. The men saw something beneath Washington’s disheveled, dirty, drug-scarred exterior. They saw a man whom God could save. “I called them my Peter and John in the book of Acts at the gate called beautiful.” Washington said referring to the passage in Acts 3. “That day they invited me to a church meeting in their house.” At the small service, the preacher explained the gospel. At the end of the service, Washington prayed to receive Christ. Mr. Washington says, “The Lord has been really gracious to me down here.” But Washington does not want to forget, either. “I keep this old welfare card of how I used to look just as a reminder,” he said.

Go - First Hour Grief

First Hour Grief Response, Inc. was founded with the desire to provide hope and guidance on what to do when someone you love passes unexpectedly. They learned “grief left unaddressed can lead to anger, aggression, deep depression, substance abuse, divorce, and even suicide.” FHGR, Inc. makes it their goal to “help grievers take the path toward hope and healing.”They offer help over the loss of a child, spouse, parent, friend, or loss by suicide.  Multiple resources for counseling, books, legal assistance, workshops, funeral homes and planning, clergy and churches, etc. are available on their website. Mission: “Provide free guidance and compassionate support for people who have suffered the sudden loss of a loved one.”

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